At Totcar Sport we are a consolidated company and we have been dedicated to the automotive world for more than 25 years In 2008 we became part of the prestigious network of BOSCH CAR SERVICE Workshops in order to offer a more complete Service to all our clients.

The Bosch Car Service network informs motorists in Spain and Portugal about Regulation 1400/2002 of the European Commission, according to which the consumer has the right to maintain their vehicle during the warranty period in a workshop not included in the official network of the brand without the manufacturer being able to refuse to present it, unless the work carried out is defective.

Periodically, the Bosch network reports on maintenance, security and promotions aimed at its customers.

Our services:

• Maintenance and engine mechanics.
• Injection of gasoline and diesel.
• Electricity and Electronics.
• Brakes, ABS and EPS.
• Air conditioning .
• Sound and electronic equipment (anti-radar, stingers ..)
• Tire mounting and alignment.
• Pre ITV.
• Bodywork - Painting.
• Review of your new car without losing the guarantee of origin.

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